It runs through all sectors: the probability of being able to pursue the profession only to a limited extent, has increased. These include cardiovascular diseases or psychological stress such as burn-out. We advise all employees to cover their income well in case of need.

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We have taken on the challenge of developing a preventative concept unique to the market with selected care providers. The two key points of this concept are:

• Simplified health issues
• Cheaper risk group classification

01 If you want to take out insurance, you have to answer extensive questions about the health examination. This often poses a risk. If some questions are answered knowingly or unknowingly, the insurance benefit may be reduced or denied.

02 Anyone who wants to protect themselves privately as a craftsman, technician, sales representative or as a member of the nursing profession, often finds himself in a risk group – which makes a hedge almost unaffordable.

Our disability concept has two big advantages:

First the health care risk is minimized. Secondly Now, a person can take out occupational disability insurance, which previously might not be insurable.